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The Worst Of Donald Trump’s Temper Tantrums

The Worst Of Donald Trump’s Temper Tantrums

Trump says his greatest asset is his temperament. But is it stable enough to run an entire country? Not really. http://goo.gl/9E0VNd Check out: ...

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Epic Temper Tantrums | Funniest Kids Compilation

SUBSCRIBE TO KYOOT!: http://bit.ly/kyootkids Kids throw the most epic temper tantrums! Connect with AFV Online: Visit the AFV WEBSITE: http://afv.tv/AFVWeb ...

Kid Temper Tantrum Throws Uncle Jay's Birthday Cake On Family Van Cus He wanted The Spider-Man Cake

Today is uncle Jay's birthday. Daddy had a birthday cake him and the kids needed to pick up from a local bakery before they could head out to uncle jay's.

Kid Temper Tantrum Breaks A Pumpkin At A Pumpkin Patch [ Original ]

Last year Leland throw a pumpkin out the car window after visting a pumpkin patch http://temper-tantrums.purzuit.com/video/QA4ashmVrPk.html , this year, he breaks a ...

Screaming 6 Yr Old Has 2 1/2 Hour Tantrum | Supernanny

How important is discipline? Supernanny thinks it's vital, as she supports a mom with a big challenge on her hands. Take a look here for more expert tips on how ...

Teenagers throwing temper tantrums

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Top 5 Temper Tantrums

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14 year old temper tantrum

14 year old having temper tantrum because of chores.

Kid Throws Insane Temper Tantrum Over Soccer Ball

The joys of parenthood. Kid Throws Insane Temper Tantrum Over Soccer Ball Kid Throws Insane Temper Tantrum Over Soccer Ball Kid Throws Insane Temper ...

Funny Temper Tantrum

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Dogs Throwing Tantrum Dogs and puppies can sometimes behave like babies if they don't like something, and throw temper tantrums, which looks so adorable ...

Caillou Has A Temper Tantrum In Class/Grounded

Credit To Everyone! Except Bad Users! This video was requested by James Rauhaus.

2 Year Old Has Constant Temper Tantrums | Supernanny

What to do about toddler tantrums? This family need help with their 2 year old. More tips here on how to deal with toddler tantrums ...

MLB Temper Tantrums

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3 year old night time temper tantrum no

sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny.

Caillou has a temper tantrum at the mall/grounded

Requested by Funny Koala 22.


Ruby Rube video reacting to apparently the most spoiled kids in the world videos #2. Comment below what you guys think?... SHARE this video with your friends ...

Kid Temper Tantrum Returns To Spirit Halloween Store And Got LOST! [ Original ]

Do you guys remember kid temper tantrum spirit halloween from last year? Well the family returns to spirit halloween store to check out the latest halloween ...

Kid Temper Tantrum On Jumbotron During Soccer Match [ Original ]

usl regular season championship is up for grabs tonight as the real monarchs look to claim their first trophy in club history. Tonight daddy took Leland to their first ...

Funny Dogs Throwing a Tantrum Compilation [NEW HD]

Funny puppies with big personalities throwing temper tantrums. Watch what happens when these dogs don't get there way. Silly dogs have tantrums just like ...

Extreme Toddler Tantrums - What's Normal? What's not?

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Top 5 Kids Christmas Present Temper Tantrums! (Kids Temper Tantrums On Christmas)

Top 5 Kids Christmas Present Temper Tantrums! (Kids Temper Tantrums On Christmas) Subscribe To Our Channel Here: http://bit.ly/250D2N9 Last Video ...

Donald Trump's White House Temper Tantrums | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah

A Saudi Arabian fashion show replaces human models with drones, and White House aides are tasked with taping together official documents after President ...

Kid Temper Tantrum Doesn't Want To Get Off PS4 Then Gets LOST Inside A Corn Maze [ Original ]

This morning Leland didn't want to get off of his new PS4 as the family was getting ready to leave for a pumpkin patch that also had a corn maze. . **CHECK ...

Stubborn Husky gets his wish after throwing temper tantrum

After his infamous temper tantrum in the bathtub, Zeus returns with another defiant moment in the bath tub. He finally gets the water turned on for him. Although it ...

Deep Sea Peach Tree - Temper Tantrums

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Kid Temper Tantrum Throw Pizza On Daddy After Getting Kicked Off Fortnite [ Original ]

Today daddy wanted pizza for lunch, however, Leland has been playing fortnite season 6 nonstop since yesterday after school and he didn't want to get off the ...

Kid Temper Tantrum Ruins Uncle Jay's Thanksgiving [ Original ]

Kid ruins thanksgiving, well, he did for uncle Jay. Leland ruins uncle Jay's thanksgiving after throwing rolls at him and ruins his pie. Today the family got to host ...

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